PDGM, BTLSC Seminar: “Life Journey at University IV: “Constructive Communication in Difficult Times” from the perspectives of a Psychologist, Philosopher, and Educator”, 12:30Noon April 17 2024 (TR)

We are discussing life skills that we believe you may find important in our “University Life Journey” sharing hours, which we hold at regular intervals. We will hold the fourth event of our series on constructive communication on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at 12:30 at EE-01.

The event will be in Turkish and is within the scope of GE 250/251. (10 points)

Organized by
Psychological Counseling and Development Center (PDGM)
Bilkent Teaching and Learning Support Center (BTLSC)

Uzm. Psk. Aslıhan Koyuncu
Dr. Tufan Kıymaz
Dr. Armağan Ateşkan