PHYS Seminar: “Superfluid Phases in Cold Atomic Fermi Gases with Fine Tailored Interactions”, Ahmet Keleş, 3:30PM October 10 (EN)

Asst. Prof. Ahmet Keleş
Middle East Technical University, Ankara

“Superfluid phases in cold atomic Fermi gases with fine tailored interactions”

Recent quantum gas experiments have opened a new era of fine-tailored two-body interactions. These include for example atoms with long-range dipole-dipole interactions and Rydberg-dressed atoms created by optical coupling to highly excited electronic states. These systems differ from the “canonical system” of cold atoms with contact interactions characterized by a single parameter, the scattering length. In this talk, I will introduce the problem of pairing glue in strongly correlated systems which has been eluding condensed matter theory for decades. I will discuss some key ideas from powerful renormalization group theory and show how it can illuminate the phase diagram of dipolar Fermi gases and Rydberg dressed Fermi gases. I will discuss the so-called Kohn-Luttinger mechanism to explain the pairing even in repulsive fermions, and show that Rydberg dressed interactions can manifest similar phenomena. Using a simplified toy model, I will demonstrate that the renormalization group goes beyond Kohn-Luttinger physics for probing novel many-body phases.

Date : October 11, 2023 Wednesday
Time : 15:30
Place : SA-240

All interested are cordially invited.