PSYC Seminar: “Stressful Life Events: From Individual to Couple to Family Perspectives”, Asuman Büyükcan-Tetik, 12:30Noon May 2 (EN)

Please join Bilkent University’s Psychology Department on Tuesday for the seminar of Assist. Prof. Asuman Büyükcan-Tetik.

Speaker: Asuman Büyükcan-Tetik. Sabancı University
“Stressful Life Events: From Individual to Couple to Family Perspectives”

Date: Tuesday, 2 May 2023
Time: 12:30
Room: C Blok amphitheatre

Stressful life events are among the main predictors of mental health. However, research on stressful life events primarily focused on intra-individual processes and ignored that they are not experienced in a social vacuum: People experience those events with others, their interpersonal relationships are affected, and the mental health of people in close relationships is interdependent. In this talk, I will present individual, couple, and family-level findings in my research on mental health and relationships during and after stressful life events, specifically focusing on the death of loved ones, the transition to parenthood, and the pandemic. I will argue that a socio-ecological and interdisciplinary perspective is required to paint a comprehensive picture of well-being after stressful life events.

About the speaker:
Asuman Büyükcan-Tetik is Assistant Professor in the Psychology Program at Sabancı University. She received her master’s degree in social psychology from Koç University and her Ph.D. in clinical child and family studies from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She has authored several international peer-reviewed articles and book chapters to shed light on how individual and relationship well-being processes are connected, especially after life events. In the past few years, her research has centred on daily and longitudinal bereavement adjustment after child and pregnancy loss.