Theather Play: “Love Kills” 2023-2024 II. Senior Graduation Project, 8:00PM March 28 (TR)

Department of Theatre Presents
2023-2024 II. Senior Graduation Project

“Love Kills”

Written by Vladimir Volkoff
Directed by Işıl Kasapoğlu
Translated by Olcay Poyraz
Set Design: Özlem Gezgin
Assistant Director: Berkay Şekerci
Lighting Design: Yılmaz Ertekin
Costume Design: Gökçe Şener

Actors: Aslı Bilge, Orkan Aydın, Yağmur Şen, Ayşe Yağmur Başak, Elif Özkara, Berfin Tosuner, İlker Şengül
Guest Actor: Berkay Şekerci
Technician: Akın Çalışkan
Technical Assistance: Elizan Keskin, Azra Ceylin Okur, Sait Yiğit Metin, Işık Kazancıoğlu, Mustafa Salih Altay

“Love Kills” offers a different (relatively more cheerful) perspective on the true story of Henri Désiré Landru. Instead of portraying him as a known cold-blooded killer, Landru is presented as a bumbling individual who acts desperately due to his (to put it mildly) questionable affections towards his wives. As the deceased former spouses awaiting him in the afterlife prepare to unravel his unique devotion, a journey into the depths of these relationships (and murders), where “Love” reigns even above deaths, unfolds.

Bilkent FMPA Theater Hall
Dates: March 22, 28 – April 4, 18, 25 – May 2
Time: 20:00

Latecomers cannot be seated.

GE: 250-251 20 points

The play will be performed in Turkish, with English subtitles.