Student Experiences


Suvas Jesrani, Pakistan
I would describe my four years at Bilkent University as exciting and dynamic. I chose Bilkent for International exposure, and in Bilkent I found a multicultural experience where, together, we organize International Cultural events which are one of the best parts about Bilkent. Moreover, studying in a department as indulging as Mathematics was tough but learning something new every day instilled in me a drive to do more and to be more. To all new students coming to the Bilkent University I would like to say: nothing will come easy to you but as long as you work hard, the journey will be amazing.”

Gülgün Mammadli, Azerbaijan
I am a senior International Relations student at Bilkent University and I can say that Bilkent is an amazing place for international students. Besides the high quality of education, Bilkent gave me a lot of amazing opportunities. During my junior year, I had a chance to study abroad at Baruch College in New York City as a part of the exchange program which was a great experience for me. I had an awesome university life in Bilkent campus and I made lifelong friends. Now that I am graduating, I got an offer from London School of Economics and Political Science to pursue my master’s education, in which being a Bilkent graduate was an important advantage. My biggest advice for students would be to keep working, to get as much professional or personal experience as possible.

Ani Kristo, Albania
Bilkent is an institution that provides an excellent academic preparation, a great social environment and opportunities for a brilliant career. Ankara is definitely the city for students: a hub of the best universities in Turkey and a distinct community culture that is otherwise hard to find in other cities. I would definitely encourage everyone who is looking for an experience abroad, to apply to Bilkent as this is the most optimal transition from the high-school life to their future career aspirations.

Lazifa Karimli, Azerbaijan
I would recommend Bilkent for several reasons. To begin with, the standard of education is quite high and the university is on a promising road to becoming increasingly more internationally recognized and acclaimed. There are many different departments to choose from and many professors have received their graduate or post-graduate degrees from prestigious universities such as Yale or Cambridge. Lastly, the campus is lovely and huge!

Marc Anthony Steinbuchel, Germany
Department of Business Administration

Bilkent University has always proven to be set on pushing the academic boundaries and always striving for the top with their internationally experienced professors and English-taught academic programs. However, apart from their academic success, notable accreditations and high ratings, one key feature, which I believe gives any student many opportunities, is the amount of international diversity within the university’s programs, faculty and students. Bilkent University is by far a great example of an academic institution that upholds an internationally-mixed atmosphere through their student and faculty bodies and their extensively ranging study abroad programs. The growing influx of international students as incoming exchange students just show how this university is being appreciated and recommended to other students. Additionally, Bilkent University offers their own students the chance of studying and living in a foreign country through their extensively ranging study abroad programs, which covers the four corners of the world. Therefore, as a German national who has graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration and has completed a study abroad program at Sydney, Australia, I can assure you that Bilkent University is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Matthew Guenther, USA
Department of International Relations

When first thinking about studying abroad, I never even thought about Turkey. Though, once Turkey was brought to my attention, I realized how little I knew about this country and culture. Due to this, it made perfect sense to travel to Turkey in order to experience and learn first-hand what Turkey is all about. Originally, I came to Turkey for only a year, but the hospitality of the people, their rich culture, and of course the food convinced me to transfer my credits to Bilkent University and become a full-time student there. I transferred to Bilkent because it is considered an elite school in Turkey and internationally respected. Bilkent offers an excellent education with a mix of American and European pedagogical traditions. If you’re looking for an awesome adventure for your study abroad experience, I highly recommend going to Turkey and studying at Bilkent University. You will make wonderful memories and lifelong friends.

Zehra Murad, Azerbaijan
Department of Economics
Bilkent became my home once I came to Turkey first time. I have stayed in and traveled to different places of Turkey but Bilkent was the only place where I could communicate easily (at those time when my Turkish was not so good), get all that I needed in one place and enjoy beautiful green surrounding everyday of my life. I hope to be back to Bilkent teaching some day, why not? This is definitely an international environment that I have enjoyed all along.

Seyeh Hesamoddin Nabavi, Iran
Department of Business Administration,
Bilkent University ESN Bilkent (Erasmus Student Network) member

As a foreigner who has been in Bilkent for 4 years, I believe Bilkent is the best choice for the international students, in Turkey, to learn a new culture, besides building a strong academic background in any field of interest. Strong faculty members, sophisticated and convenient campus life and very friendly people around campus make my experiences in Bilkent and Turkey exciting, fun and unforgettable… I believe every student must experience Bilkent and Turkey once.