ARCH Semineri: “Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Construction”, Deniz Üçer Erduran, 12:40 19 Kasım (EN)

You are kindly invited to the seminar organized by the Department of Architecture.

Speaker: Deniz Üçer Erduran
Topic: Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Construction

Date: Nov 19, 2020, Thursday
Time: 12:40-13:30

Zoom Meeting
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Deniz Üçer Erduran received her Ph.D. in Building Science from Middle East Technical University in 2018. The research was the investigation of masonry wall debris for reusing in terms of strength, cost, and environmental impact. She conducted post-doctoral research while working in the Civil Engineering Department at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. The topic was the investigation of precast-block houses, which are currently under demolition. She has been involved in an archeological team working at Kinik Hoyuk in Nigde and responsible for recording architectural finds. She has experience in teaching structural systems, construction materials, and environmental impact assessment.

The first part of the speech includes the research experience. Ph.D. study i.e., mechanical tests on masonry wall sections, life cycle assessment simulation, and cost comparisons for new and reused materials. Post-doctoral research i.e., design/construction documents of precast houses built in the 1950s in Moscow and their visual investigation for the current condition. The current research proposal i.e., investigation of disposal areas for construction debris in Ankara for the determination of material types, amounts, condition, and possible recovery methods. The second part is the brief on teaching experience with the lecture’s content titled Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Construction.