CCI Semineri: “Beyond Reason and Unreason: Khlebnikov’s Poetics of Zaum”, Aurelia Cojocaru, 19:45 16 Mart (EN)

SPEAKER: Aurelia Cojocaru
Department of Comparative Literature
University of California, Berkeley

Title: Beyond Reason and Unreason: Khlebnikov’s Poetics of Zaum

Russian Futurist poets coined the term Zaum to describe their bold experimentation with the sound and grammar of the Russian language. A neologism composed of za- (beyond) and -um (mind, intellect), Zaum has long been seen as a radical departure from everyday language and even rationality. This talk argues, however, that the work of Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922) refuses any such dichotomy between poetry and reason. The root -um recurs in other neologisms throughout Khlebnikov’s oeuvre to reveal instead an expansive range of kinds and shades of “mind.” Giving voice to neglected forms of cognition promises a distinct and surprising method of individualization: poetic language allows each subject not only to manifest their own particular claim to rationality, but also for all of these shades of the rational “spectrum” to meet. Poetry becomes a transformative meeting of minds in this utopian project—a “With-um of myself / And those whom I have yet to know.”

ZOOM INFO: Topic: CCI Meeting’s Zoom Meeting
Time: Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 07:45 PM Istanbul

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