COMD Seminerleri: “Bilkent Media Future Initiavite: How to build a cinematic universe!”, Bülent Turgut, 12:30 9 Nisan (EN)

Department of Communication and Design and Bilkent Media Future Initiative 2022 invites you to “How to build a cinematic universe!” with Bülent Turgut (T World Entertainment & Production A.Ş.)

Moderator: Cansu Nergiz (Thinkonline)

8 April 2022, Friday 12:30-13:30|FB 309

Bülent Turgut is a well-known producer and the founder of T World Entertainment & Production A.Ş.

T World Entertainment & Productions is TV and Feature Film production company in Turkey. T World E & P is focused on creating cinematic superhero universe, fantastic content and concept, producing them, applying successful gaming networks, creating new opportunities for companies and brands to turn their possessions into content and use them in a more interactive and integrated market through developing communication techniques, and offering new media platforms.

GE 250/251: 10 points
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