CS Semineri: “Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling in GPUs Through Genetic Algorithm”, Pouria Hasani, 16:00 16 Eylül (EN)

Title: Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling in GPUs Through Genetic Algorithm

Pouria Hasani, M.Sc. Student in Computer Engineering

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Özcan Öztürk
Member: Prof. Dr. Uğur Güdükbay
Prof. Dr. Süleyman Tosun (Hacettepe Uni.)

The Seminar will be on Friday, September 16 (tomorrow), 2022, 16:00 am İstanbul

***This is an online seminar. To obtain the event link, please send a message to department.


DVFS is the primary approach to optimizing CPUs’ power consumption. There are a handful of approaches conducted using this technique in GPGPUs. However, due to the massively parallel execution of threads on GPUs and load imbalance on SMs, finding the best global frequency for GPU cores is not a simple task. Moreover, the proposed approaches in the literature mostly rely on an offline model, where the optimal voltage and frequency for an application is found to be used in the next execution. In this work, we use a combination of an analytical model and a genetic algorithm to adjust per SM frequency dynamically, aiming at decreasing GPU’s power consumption with the least amount of performance loss without a need for offline execution. We tested our approach using 16 GPU kernels from different domains with ranging features. Our results show that we can save 9.6% of GPU’s total energy on average with less than 0.95% performance loss. We also discuss further improvements and possible extensions to the proposed approach.