EE Semineri: “Using MATLAB for Research and Open Science”, Dr. Shubo Chakrabarti, 14:30 26 Ekim (EN)

Using MATLAB for Research and Open Science

26th October at 14:30
[EE-01], Department of Electrical Engineering, Bilkent University.

Learn how to produce reusable and reproducible code with MATLAB and Simulink. Accelerate your computations by using your MATLAB license on the TRUBA cluster. Take the opportunity to talk to MathWorks experts regarding MATLAB in your teaching or research project.
Topics covered
• Accessing data in MATLAB (formats, public data portals, APIs)
• Writing transparent code (Live Scripts, Projects, Source Control, MATLAB in Jupyter)
• Making code reusable (File Exchange, Sustainable Code Repos, Containers)
• Scaling up your code (Use your license on the TRUBA cluster)
• Community support with MathWorks (Open-Source Community Toolboxes, Science Gateways)

About the speaker
Dr. Shubo Chakrabarti works for the Academia Team at MathWorks and helps researchers use online portals to effectively share and easily access MATLAB and Simulink for their research. Shubo is also an expert in helping researchers scale up their code and supports MATLAB on the TRUBA cluster. Before joining MathWorks, Shubo worked as a senior neuroscientist and project leader for several years Universities across the US, UK and Germany.

Meet the speakers
To schedule a personal meeting with experts from MathWorks, reach out at