FA Semineri: “Artistic Thinking as a Practice-based Inquiry”, H. Esra Oskay, 12:30 7 Haziran (EN)

The Department of Fine Arts is pleased to invite Bilkent students,
faculty, and friends to a lunchtime lecture by H. Esra Oskay:

Artistic Thinking as a Practice-based Inquiry

The lecture investigates the image of the contemporary artist, as well
as the skills required of artists working in the field of contemporary
art. I elaborate on artistic practice as a special form of knowledge and
research by reflecting on current debates that explore the
particularities of artistic thinking. As Paul Feyerabend underlines, “in
the struggle to understand the world, all methods and ways of perceiving
are basically permissible,” and art, as such, leaves up space for
possibilities that exist beyond the predetermined paths of knowledge.
Based on this brief outline, I will examine the potentialities of
artistic thinking as an experimental and material type of thinking in
today’s academic climate. I will emphasise artistic thinking as a
creative engagement with the world that transcends disciplinary methods
and knowledge, and hence as a research-based and practice-led critical
endeavour. Finally, in light of these discussions, I will reflect on the
shifting parameters of art education today.

H. Esra Oskay is a practicing artist and researcher currently at AHBV
University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department/Ankara. She
received her PhD from the University of Edinburgh/ Scotland, Humanities
and Social Sciences, Department of Drawing and Painting.

The details of the lecture are as follows:

Date: 7th June, 2023 / 12:30
Place: FB 309