Ana Sayfa » GE 690 / December 2010 Announcement

GE 690 / December 2010 Announcement

This zero-credit required course aims to contribute to the preparation of doctoral students for their academic careers.

GE 690 has two components. One is to acquire practice in teaching through activities such as lab assistance, classroom teaching, proctoring exams, and grading assignments.

The second component includes a series of independent modules that are offered or activities that can be participated in throughout the academic year. To that end, the University offers workshops, short courses, and seminars in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students are recommended to keep a “Academic Preparation” file in order to maintain their own record of the activities they have participated in.

GE 690 Modules: All doctoral students are required to participate in these modules before they graduate. Students are required to participate in each and every module once and only once during their doctoral studies. The modules are independent of each other. Some modules are offered in the Fall semester, others in the Spring semester. Some, but not all, may be repeated each semester. You are strongly suggested to take a particular module as soon as it is offered – there may or may not be another opportunity soon.

The students who do not reside in Ankara can be exempted from the modules offered while they are absent if they have not had the opportunity of taking it earlier or do not have the opportunity of taking it at a later time. Such exemption is possible with the student’s request to the Department Chair and the written approval of the Department Chair and the Dean. It is also possible to waive a module through a similar procedure, if and only if the student has taken a highly comparable and substitutable module at another university.