GRA Semineri: “Design Thinking: A Designer’s Perspective”, Çavlan Başarır, 12:30 20 Aralık (EN)

Çavlan Başarır
Design Thinking: A Designer’s Perspective

Time. Monday. 20.12.21 /12.30-13.30
FB building, FB309

GE 250 and 251 points will be given.

Seminar will be in English / Seminer İngilizce’dir.

Design thinking is appreciated, adopted, nurtured, and reimagined by businesses from all industries in the name of innovation and productivity. Where some designers guide for the change, some designers resist. This session will try to question: “If we are the pioneers in this change, or are we shooting ourselves in the foot?”

Çavlan Başarır
Çavlan Başarır is a designer, educator, and lifetime learner. He has 25 years of professional design experience and still working on UI &UX design and video projects. For the past 17 years, Basarır has been intermittently teaching part-time at I.D. Bilkent University, TOBB Economy, Technology University, and currently at the Fine Arts Faculty of Atılım University. He has been working on his masters’ thesis where he explores the new possibilities in “Character Design with 3D Printing Technology, and Stop Motion Animation”.