IAED Semineri: “Adaptability, a call to action”, David Calas, 17.00 17 Şubat (EN)

You are kindly invited to follow IAED SEMINAR: SPRING 2020-2021 organized by the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, FADA, Bilkent University.

Speaker: Dr. David Calas
Title: ” Adaptability, a call to action”
Date & Time: February 17, 2021, Wednesday, 12.30

David Calas
He is an architect, urbanist, critic, curator and founder of the multidisciplinary creative office “Studio Calas”. His work operates between the blurring boundaries of interior design, urban realm, rural esprit, architecture, culture and art, fostering multiscale approaches. The theory-driven, research-oriented and practice-related modus operandi focuses on meaningful co-creative strategies, socio-cultural action and the digitalisation impact on our environment. Academically he was involved as lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna – Faculty of Architecture and Planning from 2011 to 2019 and as Visiting professor at the German University Cairo/Campus Berlin from 2019 to 2020. Currently he is project lead and contract professor for Project 2 in Eco-Social Design at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Faculty of Design and Art, Italy.

Research Seminar

Adaptability, a call to action
Adaptability, a commonly used buzzword that probably defines the point where we are heading know in these challenging times, becomes the title of this research seminar. Theory-driven, research-oriented and practice-related investigations from academia and private projects show the adaptability of design in general and the role of interior design in specific regarding its flexible esprit. Scale jumping applications explore the field of action that interior design achieves through its users, its specific context and in its socio-cultural attitude. Therefore, the research seminar does not follow a given expertise, rather it explores in search for dialogue, spreading approaches in a continuous learning. Finally, a call to action that leaves the comfort zone, allowing doubts and the ability to listen to others and the surrounding. This means, fostering process-driven rather than problem-solving design, investigation rather than readymade methodologies and small persistent impact rather than the attempt of the grand gesture.

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Time: Feb 17, 2021 12:30 PM

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