IAED Semineri: “Experiences of a Graduate: Planning is everything no whether what life brings”, Cenk Başimi, 12:30 14 Nisan (EN)

You are kindly invited to a lecture organized by the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, FADA, Bilkent University.

Speaker: Cenk Başimi

Title: Experiences of a Graduate: Planning is everything no whether what life brings.

Date & Time: April 14, 2022, Thursday, 12:30 pm.

Throughout my career I experienced and developed many different skills and figured out that success finally comes up with a good planning and budgeting as well as patience. In a fluctuating market and economy, like Turkey, one should oversee the responsibility that has taken against time and money spend for the work done on behalf of someone else. Talking on that matter will lighten up the road to the ending where we create a good design that can be legate to the social life. Throughout the journey of my professional life I came along various challenges. In my speech I would like to answer the questions such as: What are the risks and the “unknown” waiting for a new graduate? Does the things that we have learned in the house is familiar to the one on the field? What is a risk analysis? What is a crisis management? I would also like to the share my experiences on the endless story of planning/budgeting – executing – re-planning/re-budgeting of each project.

Cenk Başimi is proud to became one of the first graduates of Interior Architecture & Environmental Design program in Bilkent University in year 1991. He worked as a free-lance Interior Designer after the graduation, and finished some housing, restaurant, and office projects. In 1994 he joined to the formation of the brand DECORUM where he took charge as the Executive Sales Manager. He was active both as retail and contract sales management and networking in global commerce. İKOOR (1998) was the second but a very different experience where he worked as the Contract Projects Operations Manager. He intensively experienced all the aspects of industrial wooden & metal furniture in means of designing, producing and implementation. NURUS (2001) was the last and the most precious stop throughout his corporate career where he executed as the Vice President and responsible for the Local Retail & Contract Sales. Accomplishing numerous land-mark projects in years, gained him valuable experience in project &sales management, budgeting, product design, procurement & production fields. After leaving the corporate career behind in year (2008), he jumped in to a very new and exciting area; The Food & Beverage sector, where he both highly fulfil his entrepreneur enthusiasm whereas used his planning, design, and construction skills. TimeforCafeBreak, AllSports Bakery, Pinoli İtalian Kitchen are the brands both he created, designed & build their spaces as well as he operates currently. In 2015 he started to work together with ARKETİPO DESIGN COMPANY as the Member of the Steering Committee, where he re-structured the flow of the operations management of the company both in local and abroad markets. He originated and proposed a new model to deliver the design service. By the new method, company transformed into a compact and high-speed project deliverer structure that produce maximum capacity and profit. Today, he both continue to operate the brands he owns in Food & Beverage sector and enjoy being member of the Executive Board for Arketipo Design Company.

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Time: Apr 14, 2022 12:30 PM Istanbul

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