IAED Semineri: “Within, Between and Beyond Transdisciplinarity in Architectural Research and Education”, Dr. Marwa Al Khalidi, 12:30 22 Nisan (EN)

You are kindly invited to IAED Seminar SPRING 2021-2022 organized by the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, FADA, Bilkent University.

Speaker: Dr. Marwa Al Khalidi
Title: “Within, Between and Beyond Transdisciplinarity in Architectural Research and Education”

Date & Time: April 22, 2022, Friday, 12.30 pm.

There is always a necessity for creating theoretical and intellectual innovations in architecture education and research. Such advances must be promoted both in academics and in research; to advance their holistic foundations; and to creatively explore their underlying potentials. In the architecture field, one of the researchers’/educators’ missions is to promote these advancements in concrete/ practical forms. In this talk, I discuss some of my attempts to encourage these developments through my research and teaching approaches. Throughout my work, I have always aimed to create ‘beyond’ what is introduced to me by navigating ‘within’ and ‘between’ my insights and my personal interactions with different fields of knowledge. The transdisciplinarity that I usually adopt resides in what I bring to any scientific, educational activity I conduct. It lies in the varied scientific backgrounds I have; the social and cultural diversities I have lived; and in experimental modes of inquiry, I adopt.

Dr. Marwa Al Khalidi is an assistant professor of architecture and urban sociology. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering, and a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Studies from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She received her PhD degree from Lund University. Her PhD’s thesis title is “Influential Moments in City Planning Meetings: A Study of Decision-Making Situations in a Jordanian Municipality”. Her research interests include urban sociology, posthumanism approach investigating different urban activities in relation to micro scale (formal decision-making and the architecture of meeting rooms); and macro scale (city activities and planning practices). In her work, she often includes and integrates different fields and experimental modes, such as: political studies, STS (Science and Technology Studies), and organizational studies.

Topic: Marwa Al Khalidi
Time: Apr 22, 2022 12:30 PM Istanbul
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