IE Semineri: “Optimization-Based Decision Support for Supply Chain and Transportation Asset Management”, Alexander Engau, 16:00 24 Mart (EN)

Speaker: Alexander Engau, Dalhousie University

Date & Time: March 24, 2023, Friday 16:00

This is an online seminar. To obtain even details please send a message to department.

Title: Optimization-Based Decision Support for Supply Chain and Transportation Asset Management

Abstract: This talk will summarize two recent collaborations on supply chain and transportation asset management with an independent energy operator of oil and natural gas and a major State Department of Transportation in the United States. Both applications require the consideration of multiple criteria which can be viewed in a general context of the United Nations sustainable development goals including affordable and clean energy; industry, innovation and infrastructure; sustainable cities and communities; and responsible consumption and production. In each case, we will describe their related objectives and underlying multiobjective programs, the insights gained from their model implementation and solutions, and their impact and guidance for managerial decisions and policies in practice.

Bio: Alexander Engau is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain and Decision Sciences in the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University and its Centre for Research in Sustainable Chain Analytics (CRSSCA). His research interests are optimization and multiple criteria decision analysis with a particular focus on prioritization and preference models and their inherent tradeoffs, risks and uncertainties. His work has been partnered by several public and private organizations and appeared in journals like Management Science, Mathematics of Operations Research, the European Journal of Operational Research, and the Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. His teaching includes courses of production and operations management, optimization modeling, quantitative decision making, and business and behavioral statistics in his Faculty’s undergraduate, executive and research-based graduate programs.