Konferans: “The Conservation of the Memory: The Fake in Heritage Conservation,” Axel Nielsen, FFB-05, 12:30 10 Ekim (EN)

Lecture: The Conservation of the Memory:The Fake in Heritage Conservation

Date: October 10, Thursday– 12:30
Location: FFB05

Conservation of the memory is in general related to the idea of heritage, buildings and monuments. Yet we cannot work on the heritage of the built environment, if the concept of the personal, individual memory is not clear. This means that we need to face the problem of the personal, individual heritage, our memories and the way we preserve them.

Axel Nielsen (Biography)
Axel Nielsen is a free lance conservator with MA in Architectural Conservation, University of Genova(Italy) and a MA in Ancient History, University of Cordoba (Argentina); the director of the conservation laboratory Nielsen Restauri; an academic supervisor in the graduate and undergraduate program in Architectural Conservation, University of Genova; a consultant to the Governmental Agency for Cultural Heritage in Genova. His field of specialization is the conservation of stone, metals and archeological items. His expertise rests on several years of work collaboration with archaeological institutions in Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Turkey and Lebanon.