LAW&E Semineri: “Adaptation is Also Climate Action!: Incrementalism, Societal Transitions and Transformation in Climate Resilient Development”, Sander Chan, 18:00 23 Mart (EN)

You are cordially invited to the lecture on ‘Adaptation is Also Climate Action!: Incrementalism, Societal Transitions and Transformation in Climate Resilient Development’

by Sander Chan (Global Center on Adaptation and Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development-University of Utrecht)

Date: 23 March 2022
Time: 18.00-19.00
Room: B203

Although climate change is on the top of the international political agenda, climate action has long been associated with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Although such ‘mitigation’ action is necessary, the need to adapt to climate change is at least as urgent. It has taken surprisingly long for science and politics to acknowledge the need for efforts to adapt to climate change. Indeed, many gaps still persist in climate change adaptation, and governments and other actors still do not agree on which adaptation pathways are most suitable.

Dr Sander Chan will discuss whether and how climate change adaptation is gaining prominence in international climate change politics; what types of climate adaptation strategies could help build societal resilience; as well as limits to adaptation to climate change.

Short Bio: Dr. Sander Chan is a political scientist specialising in transnational climate action and global environmental politics at the Global Center on Adaptation (Groningen) and adjunct assistant professor at the Copernicus institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. Dr. Chan obtained his PhD from VU University Amsterdam in 2014, authoring his thesis on the emergence and effectiveness of Partnerships for Sustainable Development in global and local implementation.His research areas include: public-private partnerships, sustainable development, orchestration of transnational action, and corporate voluntary environmental behaviour. Dr. Chan is a steering committee member of Galvanizing the Groundswell of Climate Actions, a network of experts that facilitates a series of open dialogues, aiming to bring the groundswell of climate actions from cities, regions, companies, and other groups to a higher level of scale and ambition.