MATH Semineri: “Computing limit mixed Hodge structures”, Emre Can Sertöz, 15:40 11 Kasım (EN)

You are cordially invited to the ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Speaker: Emre Can Sertöz (Hannover)

“Computing limit mixed Hodge structures”

Abstract: Consider a smooth family of varieties over a punctured disk that is extended to a flat family over the whole disk, e.g., consider a 1-parameter family of hypersurfaces with a central singular fiber. The Hodge structures (i.e. periods) of smooth fibers exhibit a divergent behavior as you approach the singular fiber. However, Schmid’s nilpotent orbit theorem states that this divergence can be “regularized” to construct a limit mixed Hodge structure. This limit mixed Hodge structure contains detailed information about the geometry and arithmetic of the singular fiber. I will explain how one can compute such limit mixed Hodge structures in practice and give a demonstration of my code.

Date: 11 November 2022, Friday
Time: 15:40 (GMT+3)
Place: Zoom

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