PHYS Semineri: “Beyond Borders in the Second Quantum Revolution: Quantum Thermodynamics”, Onur Pusuluk, 15:30 4 Ekim (EN)

Dr. Onur Pusuluk
Koç University, İstanbul

“Beyond Borders in the Second Quantum Revolution: Quantum Thermodynamics”

Humanity witnessed the remarkable rise of quantum mechanics during the 20th century, igniting a scientific and technological revolution. We are now on the verge of a second quantum revolution driven by quantum information science. Quantum coherence and correlations (QCCs) define the distinguishing features of “second-generation” quantum technologies, differentiating them from their predecessors. This talk will explore QCCs beyond the second quantum revolution, focusing on their role in non-equilibrium irreversible processes in thermodynamics. To begin, we will revisit the concepts of QCCs in quantum information and demonstrate how the local thermal systems can share QCCs. Then, we will uncover the underlying mechanisms behind intriguing phenomena, such as anomalous heat flows from a colder body to a hotter one, shedding light on the tangible physical significance of QCCs akin to energy. Next, we will reevaluate the landscape of second-generation quantum technologies, considering alternative platforms based on phononic devices rather than electronics. Finally, we will delve into foundational questions, seeking to understand how we can generalize the concepts of entropy and free energy to explore potential avenues for merging thermodynamics and quantum physics while remaining within the framework of the latter. We will also discuss how the classical laws of thermodynamics can emerge in the quantum resource theory of thermodynamics.

Date: October 4, 2023 Wednesday
Time: 15:30
Place: SA-240

All interested are cordially invited.