POLS Semineri: “Challenges in European Politics Ahead of the European Parliament Elections”, Eva Quistorp, 12:30 21 Aralık (EN)

“Challenges in European Politics Ahead of the European Parliament Elections”
Dr. Eva Quistorp
Former Member of the European Parliament (Green Party, Germany)

Thursday, 21 December 2023, 12:30-14:00
FEASS Building, A-Z25

Speaker’s Short Bio:
Childhood and youth in the lower Rhine region in a family of a protestant priest of the confessing church in the tradition of the Huguenots and Dietrich Bonhoeffer … and Bach
Studies of protestant theologian, political scientist, German literature at the Free University in West Berlin 1965-1972 Study tours to Latin America and Africa
Teacher at high schools in Berlin 1972-1980 Writer and editor of books and articles on environmental and women and peace studies Co-president of the national coordination of environmental and democracy groups in West Germany 1979-81 (Bundesverband Bürgerinitiativen) Co-founder of the green party and candidate for the first direct elections to the European Parliament 1979 Co-founder of women for peace in West and East Europe. Co-founder of ecological farming in the city and consumer cooperatives
Co-director of the national coordination of the West German and West European peace movements 1980-1986 Coeditor of disarmament campaigns and European nuclear disarmament Co-president of the green party of the Federal Republic of Germany 1986-1988 Member of the European Parliament and co-president of the group 1989-1994
Member of the environmental and consumer health commission, of the commission for economic cooperation and of the culture, media, youth and sport commission
Member of the delegation with the USSR and ASEAN delegation Member of the film and the disarmament working group of the EP Member of: Official German delegation to the UN Rio conference 1992 NGO delegation to the UN human rights conference in Vienna 1992 UN women conference in Beijing 1995 UN women conference in Istanbul 1996 (UN Habitat conference) and the following review conferences in New York 2000 and Johannesburg 2002 Co-manager of European Women College in Zürich and Berlin 1995-2000 Consultant to the UN resolution 1325 and to the agenda 21 processes in Germany Co-director of the Böll foundation friends circle 1999-2005 (www.boell.de)
Consultant of the international peace bureau the UNIFEM (UNWOMAN) commission of Germany 1995-2011 Member of Greenpeace and BUND (German environmental coalition) action reconciliation and amnesty international Consultant to the global climate alliance and the city network on climate change since 1995 and the European movement-since 2004 Participant in interreligious dialogues Member of the German Anna Lindh Network 2007-2011 (Cultural and democratic cooperation with the Mediterranean region) Since 2010 senior advisor of the World Future Council and of the German group of UNWOMAN Free lanced writer for different newspapers on integration problems Since 2014 mentoring citizen groups in exile in Berlin like from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Hongkong and women groups from Iran.