PSYC Semineri: “Think Globally (and Inwardly), Act Locally (and Effectively)”, Dr. Athanasios Mouratidis, 12:30 17 Aralık (EN)

You are cordially invited to attend the Bilkent University Sustainability Seminar organized by the Department of Psychology

Think Globally (and Inwardly), Act Locally (and Effectively)

Asst Prof. Dr. Athanasios Mouratidis
University of Athens

Date : December 17th, 2021, Friday
Time : 12:30-14:30
***This is an online event. To obtain Zoom link and password, please contact to the department.

What makes some people behave more responsibly towards our environment? How do our beliefs, goals, and values relate to our pro-environmental behavior? In this presentation, I will take the social psychology perspective to provide some evidence that shows how intrinsic but not extrinsic life goals may predict pro-environmental behaviors. I will also present research findings indicating how certain personal motives, namely autonomous ones, may further explain the endorsement of such behaviors. Based on the self-determination theory, I will conclude by suggesting some practical strategies that could promote pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors.