Seminer: “Strengthening Teacher Capacity in Relation to School and Classroom Based Assessment: Bilkent University UNICEF Project,” Alipaşa Ayas & Armağan Ateşkan, G-160, 16:40 23 Ekim (EN)

We would like to invite you to our 2nd seminar to be held on 23-Oct-2019. The seminar will start at 16:40 and end at 17.30. The place will be at G160 (G-building, first floor, conference room). The speakers will be Prof. Dr. Alipaşa Ayas and Asst. Prof. Dr. Armağan Ateşkan.
Detailed information regarding the seminar topic is given below:

“Strengthening Teacher Capacity in Relation to School and Classroom Based Assessment: Bilkent University UNICEF project”

Assessment is central to learning as widely accepted by many educators/researchers. If it takes a formative processes than it creates more opportunities than summative assessment for students to feel included in the classroom during the teaching-learning activities. Black and William (2009) indicated that if formative assessment supported with a pre-assessment based on which teaching is planned it will very much help to improve learning outcomes. However, this process does not provide much help to students learning unless teachers use evidences from the assessment to adapt their teaching to meet students’ needs.

In light of all these, this presentation aims to give an insight of the project accomplished by Bilkent University Graduate School of Education about school and classroom based assessment (SCBA) in Turkey. The project aimed to achieve the following:
● Strengthen teachers’ capacity to implement classroom and school based assessment;
● Conduct needs analysis in relation to problems/issues faced by disadvantaged students during the assessment process;
● All students are assessed fairly in regard to their characteristics;
● Improve teachers capacity to develop and implement alternative assessment strategies and tools;
● Develop participated teachers’ (including recruited and novice teachers’) knowledge and skills in conducting formative and summative means of assessment;
● Identify the bottlenecks in current practices of assessment strategies and ensure that some improvements are made in schools;
● Monitor and evaluate the pilot implementation of SCBA program developed.
● Develop a teachers’ guide about SCBA in 10 subject areas.

The project completed in about 18 months and aims are mostly met.