TRIN Semineri: “Translation as a Professional Project”, Dr. Volga Yılmaz Gümüş, 14:30 5 Temmuz (EN)

TRIN Department kindly invites all Bilkent students and faculty, as well as everyone interested to a seminar by Dr. Volga Yılmaz Gümüş.

Title : “Translation as a Professional Project”
Speaker : Dr. Volga Yılmaz Gümüş – Anadolu University
Date : July 5, 2023
Time : 14:30
Venue : LA101 (1st floor in the L Building; located between the Library and the G Building)

The 21st century has been witnessing the rise of professionalism and non-professionalism at the same time in translation and interpreting. On the one hand, translation has been gaining recognition as a professional project, evidenced by the growing number of institutions and instruments such as translator-training programs, professional associations, codes of conduct and ethics, and regulations across the world. On the other hand, non-professional translation has grown, driven by practices such as voluntary projects, fansubbing or activist translation. The aim of this talk is to define how translation developed into a professional project with institutionalization while simultaneously discussing the need to situate non-professional translation and other challenges to the profession within the professional project.

Dr. Yılmaz Gümüş has received her Ph.D. degree in Translation and Intercultural Studies at the Rovira i Virgili University, in Tarragona, Spain in 2013. Her thesis entitled “Training for the Translation Market in Turkey: An Analysis of Curricula and Stakeholders”, supervised by Dr. Anthony Pym and Dr. Aymil Doğan, examined the role of the translation market in translator-training and curriculum design practices in Turkey. Her latest research on online translation teaching and assessment as a visiting researcher at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA, was funded by TUBITAK under 2219 International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programme. She has translated and published several plays into English. She is currently an assistant professor at Anadolu University, Department of Translation and Interpretation.