TRIN Semineri: “Translation Studies Across the Arts”, Dr. Aude Aurore Gwendoline, 14:30 4 Temmuz (EN)

TRIN Department kindly invites all Bilkent students and faculty, as well as everyone interested to a Zoom webinar by Dr. Aude Aurore Gwendoline.

Title : “Translation Studies Across the Arts”
Speaker : Dr. Aude Aurore Gwendoline – University of Ottawa
Date : July 4, 2023
Time : 14:30 (13:30 CET)

This is an online seminar. To obtain event details please send a message to department.


Dr. Gwendoline will provide a brief overview of Translation Studies as a field of research, and explore the role of translation in different forms of art. The importance of cultural understanding and sensitivity in translation across the arts and the need to navigate cultural nuances and context will be underlined by means of examples.


Dr. Gwendoline has received her Ph.D. degree in Translation Studies at the Université Sorbonne Paris Cité in 2016. Her main research interests are: self- translation, translation of musical novels, translations by famous writers, such as Charles Baudelaire, Marguerite Yourcenar, and how their translated texts and their original texts might resonate, translation and creativity, multilingualism and translation, retranslation with a focus on Canadian novels first published in France and then retranslated in Canada, gendered translation, and audiovisual translation. She also has more than 10 years of experience as a Language Service Provider (LSP) in Canada.