Yeni Müzik Konseri: “Oerknal” Yöneten: Gregory Charette, Bilkent Konser Salonu, 20:00 23 Ekim

Bilkent Composition is proud to present Oerknal, a new music ensemble based in Netherlands. Oerknal is holding a 4-day residency at the Music Department, working with composition students in rehearsals and workshops. This residency will culminate in a performance in Bilkent Concert Hall. Three works by Bilkent composers will be premiered.

Oerknal is a collective of international musicians based in The Netherlands united by a passion for new creative experiences and the belief that music should be presented in a direct, visceral manner. Oerknal has performed in various podia and festivals in The Netherlands including Bimhuis (Amsterdam), Gaudeamus Music Week (Utrecht), Soundsofmusic (Groningen) and Korzo Theater (Den Haag), in addition to international residencies at festivals such as the Delian Academy for New Music (Greece) and DAM Festival (Kosovo). Since their founding in 2013 Oerknal has commissioned works from numerous composers and has engaged in cross-disciplinary collaborations aimed at exploring unique artistic overlaps and different models of concert presentation. Their debut album narrow numerous was released in 2018 on the 7 Mountain Records label.

October 23, Wednesday, 20.00
Bilkent Concert Hall
Oerknal conducted by Gregory Charette

Free entrance.
GE 250-251 (20 points)

Artun Çekem – A Night of Music in the Uncanny Valley, Part II
Emre Eröz – Palimpsest
Esaias Järnegard – Kuarup B (2013/15)
Jesse Broekman – Among all names (2016/19)
Deniz Aslan – Moments from Silence
Anda Kryeziu – Time | Change | Rate