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23rd Career Fair – Participating Companies


Invent Analytics

We power the new world of retail

In 2013, we started Invent Analytics to improve the way retailers do business around the world. By using AI and advanced analytics to its full capabilities, we are helping retailers manage their operations in a more meaningful and profitable way.

Our goal is to change the retail industry for the better. It’s a big mission — but one we accomplish by taking care of the technology and empowering our customers to focus on the art of retail.

With our state-of-art solutions specifically designed to revolutionize inventory and price optimization, we help retailers achieve maximum profitability and make better decisions.

As a beautiful engineering company with strong ties to academia, it’s in our DNA to imagine, collaborate and build. We love to harness the power of data to solve challenging problems. Every day, we roll up our sleeves to increase retailers’ profitability by creating true value of their data. And we are just getting started.


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