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A Fellow of The Optical Society

Prof. Hilmi Volkan Demir, director of the National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM) of Turkey and a member of the Departments of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Physics, was elected a Fellow of The Optical Society (OSA) by the society’s board.

Prof. Demir’s elevation to Fellow status recognizes his distinct and significant contributions to the advancement of optics and photonics, in particular for pioneering and sustained contributions to the research and development of semiconductor nanocrystal optoelectronics and nanophotonics.

A number of factors are considered in electing OSA Fellows, including specific scientific and technological contributions, a record of significant publications and patents, and technical and industry leadership in the field as well as service to the society and the global optics community; the number of OSA fellows elected each year is less than 0.5 per cent of the current membership total. The new class of Fellows will be honored at OSA conferences and meetings throughout 2020.

The OSA’s mission is “to promote the generation, application and archiving of knowledge in optics and photonics and to disseminate this knowledge worldwide.” The society, founded in 1916, describes itself as “the world’s leading champion for optics and photonics, uniting and educating scientists, engineers, educators, technicians and business leaders worldwide to foster and promote technical and professional development.”