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Account Issues

– Opening a new account
– If you forget your e-mail password
– Changing your e-mail password
– Closing your account
– Forwarding your e-mail
– Using the vacation service


  • Opening a new Bilkent Account: If you need a BCC domain account you must visit the BCC Systems Room (B Bldg: Room 310) in person. The attendant at this desk will need to see your Bilkent ID card. Normally, you should be able to pick your new account and its password in a few minutes.BCC Domain accounts are usually used by the faculty, graduate students and administrative staff in any department. Science faculty (“Fen Domain”), Electrical Engineering (“EE Domain”), Computer Engineering Department (“CS Domain”) staff usually prefer accounts from their own domains. You should contact your departmental system administrator(s) to open a non-BCC domain account.
  • If you forget your e-mail password, please use “forgot password” service here. if you can not succeed to get a new password then visit BCC Systems room to get a new password. It is not possible to recover lost passwords. If you forget your password, the only way we can help is assigning you a new password.Please note that we will not change passwords upon requests by e-mail, phone calls or fax or any other written form. We need to see you and a proper proof of identification.
  • Changing your e-mail password: You should immediately change your password if you think your password is revealed or somehow disclosed or captured.UG and BCC account holders can use the web based password changing service available here to change their passwords.FEN, EE, CS and ALUMNI domain account owners can use the web service here. Please contact the hotline if you need assistance in changing your password.
  • Closing accounts: We clean-up our accounts just before a fall semester begins. If you leave Bilkent or when you graduate, your account will automatically be closed at the beginning of the first fall semester. You will NOT receive a notification about this.Bilkent alumni can open a Life Time Alumni e-Mail Account. Please see Alumni Webmail Services for details.
  • Forwarding your e-mail to another address:The Bilkent BCC, BIM, CS, CTP, EE, FEN, TOURISM, UG, UNAM and ALUMNI mail accounts can be forwarded to other addresses using the account management service. Please contact the hotline if you need assistance in forwarding your email.
  • Vacation Service: If you want people who send you e-mail messages to be notified of your absence, you can use the vacation service. The Bilkent BCC, BIM, CS, CTP, EE; FEN , TOURISM, UG, UNAM and ALUMNI mail accounts can be set to use the vacation service using the account management service.Please contact the hotline if you need assistance in using the vacation service.