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BCC Facilities

  • BCC is equipped with a variety and collection of UNIX servers and workstations distributed around the campus. Most of the powerful and high capacity servers are located in the systems room at BCC.
  • It is BCC’s responsibility to operate the campus network and Internetworking equipment and related services. Students and staff can contact BCC for their IT related needs and problems.BCC will not provide service to computers and other equipment that belong the students and staff but will try its best to give useful advice.
  • BCC operates most of the computer labs and main servers at Bilkent University.There are 9 PC labs at BCC premises and 5 more labs located in the Engineering and FADA buildings.Labs in the B building are open 24 hours, 365 days and are available to all students and staff. A valid Bilkent account is necessary to logon to the computers in these labs.Labs can be reserved for special events, examinations, seminars, etc. by contacting BCChotline for advance notice. Reservation requests will be processed considering availability and purpose.
  • Video Conferencing Unit: BCC runs the university’s Video Conferencing Equipment. The VC room is located on the ground floor of the Humanities Bldg.This VC unit is the center of the New York on Airservice and is mostly used to deliver courses from-to the VC facility in New York.The VC system is equipped with ISDN and TCP/IP interfaces and can establish conferences with remote sites equipped with any of these two interfaces. The VC room has 50 seats. VC reservations can be requested in DAIS or AIRS system.
  • B Building Classrooms There are 15 large classrooms (amphi-theatre style) and 11 small classrooms in the BCC building. Large classrooms have 58-74 seats. Small classrooms areintended for i35 students. BCC administrative staff is handling the reservations, scheduling and the hardware in these classrooms (like the screen projectors, teacher’s computer). You can view the current classroom schedules and make a reservation by:
    • from the DAIS system: click “Classrooms” and then “Classroom Browsing” on the menu, or
    • from the AIRS system: click the “Classroom Browsing” item on the left menu