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Bilkent Faculty Members Receive 2017 TÜBA-GEBİP Awards

The Bilkent awardees are: Asst. Prof. Hüseyin Can Aksoy (Faculty of Law), Asst. Prof. Bilge Baytekin (Department of Chemistry and UNAM), Asst. Prof. Barbaros Çetin (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Asst. Prof. Ercüment Çiçek (Department of Computer Engineering), Asst. Prof. Onur Çizmecioglu (Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics and UNAM), Asst. Prof. Selim Hanay (Department of Mechanical Engineering and UNAM), Asst. Prof. Ferdi Karadas (Department of Chemistry and UNAM) and Asst. Prof. Yildiray Yildiz (Department of Mechanical Engineering).

TÜBA introduced the Program to Award Young Scientists (GEBIP) in 2001 to recognize and support outstanding young researchers working in the natural and social sciences, engineering and medicine.


 Hüseyin Can Aksoy
Hüseyin Can Aksoy
 Bilge Baytekin
Bilge Baytekin
Barbaros Çetin
Ercüment Çiçek
Onur Çizmecioğlu
Selim Hanay
Ferdi Karadaş
Yıldıray Yıldız