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Bilsel Alisbah Fellowships Presented

Each year, one or more Bilsel Alisbah Fellowships are awarded to MA students in the Faculty of Education’s Curriculum and Instruction With Teaching Certificate (CITE) program. This year’s recipients, Özlem Keser and Dilara Toplu, received their awards at a ceremony held on April 30.

Established in support of Bilkent University’s efforts to prepare a “new breed” of teachers with advanced qualifications via the CITE program, the fellowships honor the memory of Bilsel Alisbah (1937–2017), and are the second category of fellowship to have been instituted at the university through the generosity of the Alisbah family.

In 1998, Bilsel Alisbah had begun presenting fellowships to Department of Mathematics students each year in memory of his father, Prof. Orhan Alisbah, one of Turkey’s best-known mathematicians. Following Mr. Alisbah’s passing in 2017, the family decided to present another fellowship, in his memory, for Faculty of Education students.