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Safe Traffic

1.1.1. All students, academic and administrative personnel, alumni and affiliated company employees who would like to enter the University campus on a regular basis with a vehicle must obtain a sticker at the Security Office in order to pass through the gates and use the parking lots located in campus vicinity.

1.1.2. Vehicle stickers for all students (undergraduate, graduate and post graduate) are issued at the beginning of the each academic year and are valid only during that particular year.

1.1.3. Vehicle stickers for company employees are issued every December and are valid for one year only.

1.1.4. Vehicles without any registration will not be allowed to enter the campus.

1.1.5. Undergraduate students who wish to get a vehicle sticker for the first time should attend the Traffic Orientation Program and receive a passing score on the exam administrated at the end of the program.

1.1.6. Vehicle sticker should be affixed properly either at the upper or lower left corner of the front window. Vehicle sticker is only given for the registered car, and can’t be used for other cars.

1.1.7. In the case that the car is sold, changed owner or has a damaged sticker, the sticker should be removed and returned to the Security or the Traffic Office for a free of charge replacement.

1.1.8. In the case that the old sticker is not returned, new one (replacement) is issued and the amount of charge is determined in accordance with the following terms and conditions: Twice as much the standard price is charged for the undergraduate student vehicle sticker replacement. Standard price is charged for the graduate and post-graduate student sticker replacement. Academic and administrative personnel are charged with ¼ of the standard student vehicle sticker amount. Graduate student vehicle stickers are purchased for 50 TL. Company employees are charged with twice as much the standard amount of the undergraduate student vehicle sticker. Visitors are charged with 1/10 of the standard student vehicle sticker amount.

1.1.9 Multiple car owners must get a sticker for each car they drive on campus, and the amount of charge is determined in accordance with the following terms and conditions: Twice as much of the standard price is charged for the undergraduate students’ second vehicle sticker. Standard price is charged for the graduate and post-graduate students’ vehicle sticker. Alumni are not provided with a second vehicle sticker.


1.2.1. As indicated in the attached maps, there are designated parking spaces for students, personnel, alumni and visitors on campus. Staff parking lots may only be used by vehicles carrying appropriate stickers.

1.2.2. Drivers are required to park within the marked parking space and follow the signs for proper entry and exit to prevent accidents.

1.2.3. No parking is allowed on pavements or sidewalks.

1.2.4. Bicycles and motorcycles should park within the designated motorcycle parking lots on campus.


1.3.1.Speed Limits: As indicated on traffic signs, maximum speed on campus streets is 50km/h and 30km/h at intersections. All vehicles are monitored by means of surveillance cameras on campus.

1.3.2.Within the campus, pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks. Drivers should stop and wait until pedestrians have finished crossing the street.

1.3.3.Always follow the security officer’s instructions and obey all traffic signals, signs and markings.

1.3.4.Do not enter the campus driving cars with broken exhaust system that releases white smoke and makes constant noise.

1.3.5.It is forbidden to honk horns, listen to music at high volume and throw trash out of a car window.


Drivers who fail to comply with campus traffic and parking rules and regulations will receive a “notice of traffic violation” and be charged with violation points based on the University’s Violation Point System. When necessary, disciplinary actions may also be taken besides implementing

the violation point system.



You should find related information about violation point on www.trafik.bilkent.edu.tr

The Violation Point System covers all vehicles registered at the Bilkent University’s system. Vehicles that are at fault and not registered in the system are reported to the Security Office. Depending on the type of violation, entry to the University campus may be restricted for those vehicles.

2.2.1. Following implementations will apply to both personnel and students who reach up to 12 or more violation points in one academic year:

2.2.2. A formal warning letter is sent to all academic and administrative personnel as a reminder. Following the first violation point, situation is reported to Rector’s Office in writing.

2.2.3. Warning letter is sent out to undergraduate, graduate students and alumni through postal service or e-mail. Following the first violation point, the driver’s sticker is suspended for three months and he/she is not allowed to enter the campus as a driver.

2.2.4. Company employees’ stickers are suspended for three months and they are not allowed to enter the campus as a driver.

2.2.5. In the case that the driver has 12 more violation points after the warning letter is sent, his/her Faculty/School/Administrative Unit Head is informed about the situation. If it is a student, a letter is directly sent to his/her permanent address.

2.2.6. During this period, all privileges related to driving on the University campus is suspended (such as, barrier cards, etc.)

2.2.7. After three months of suspension, drivers are provided with a vehicle sticker free of charge.

2.2.8. Drivers who have a three month suspension must return their stickers to the Security Office within 15 days. In the case that they fail to return their stickers within 15 days of a three month suspension period, receive additional one year suspension.

2.2.9. Those who violate the second set of 12 violation points in the same academic year will be subject to following restrictions:’s sticker is suspended for one year and is not allowed to enter the campus as a driver. Those who apply to the Security Office to obtain a sticker after a yearlong suspension, is asked to participate in an 8- hour work program.

2.2.10. Those who are banned from entering the campus and haven’t attended the Traffic Orientation Program earlier must attend this program and get a passing score on the exam in order for their entry ban to be lifted.

2.2.11. Drivers who meet the above stated conditions can purchase a new sticker.

2.2.12. Those who enter the campus in spite of the entry ban receive one more year suspension time.

2.2.13. Those who violate any traffic regulation while under the influence of alcohol receive a one year suspension regardless of the number of violation points.

2.2.14. For those who drive without a driver’s license are expelled from the campus and reported to higher authorities (Security General Directorate, Traffic Office)

2.2.15. Violation points that are accumulated 8 or less during one academic year (September 1 – August 31) will be reset for the next academic year. However, for those who have more than 8 violation points will start a new academic year only with exceeding points (For instance, if one has 11 points (8+3), will start the new academic year with 3 violation points).


2.3.1 Driving under the influence of alcohol

2.3.2. Dangerous driving, speeding, racing with another car and showing disrespectful attitudes towards other drivers

2.3.3. Disregarding the warnings made by security/traffic officers, behaving disrespectfully(swearing, causing bodily harm or attempting to do so) towards staff or students who attempt to warn the driver about the rules

2.3.4. Bothering or frightening other drivers and pedestrians

2.3.5. Misuse of stickers or allowing others to use

2.3.6. Entering the campus in spite of the entry ban

2.3.7 Acting against the traffic rules and regulations stated in the State Traffic Laws and Safety Guidelines.


Due to the cooperation among Bilkent University, Ankara Security General Directorate and the Gendarme, the University’s Security Office is always informed about the traffic rule violations made by the vehicles registered at the University. Thus, all drivers are subject to the same restrictions and receive points even if the traffic violation (speeding, dangerous and/or drunk driving, etc.) takes place off campus.


2.5.1. “Notification of Traffic Violation” is sent to those who violate the rules and regulations. Based on the type of the traffic rule violation, it is reported to the driver’s records.

2.5.2. In the case that the driver has an objection to the notification, he/she should directly go to the Security Office and apply in writing. If the driver wishes to appeal against the Security Office’s decision, an appeal form should be filled out and submitted to the Head of the Traffic Committee.

2.5.3. After registering in the system, notifications are sent to the drivers who have traffic violations via e-mail. It is then the driver’s responsibility to check his/her e-mail regularly.

2.5.4. Those who have an entry ban can contact the Traffic Office to renew their stickers, after the ban is lifted.


2.6.1. Stop the car immediately and take all necessary safety precautions. Security Officer will come and check the place of an accident immediately. If necessary, he may take additional safety measures at the site.

2.6.2. In the case of injury, report the accident to the emergency line at 290 6666

2.6.3. According to the current traffic rules and regulations, both parties who are involved in a traffic accident should fill out the accident report form and leave the place. However, in the case of injury, death, public property damage, hit -and –run situation, or one of the cars carries an official plate, always call 155 to report the accident and wait for authorities to arrive, and do not remove the car.

In case of an accident, please stop your car properly and take all necessary safety precautions. Place a reflector behind and in front of your car; if you have only one reflector, place it facing the oncoming traffic. Report the accident to the Security Office
(290 6666, 290 1439). Please send a message to traffic@bilkent.edu.tr if you have any questions regarding the Bilkent University campus traffic rules and regulations.