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Student Activities Center

Student Activities Center was established to assist students in furthering their educational experience by providing them the opportunity to practice self-government in a free and democratic climate, to contribute to the development of the university as a model modern institution, to communicate student needs to the relevant university offices, and to organize social, cultural, and sports/outdoor activities.

Student Activities Center, organizes the annual Spring Festival, offers guidance to students in founding and running clubs and societies, and provides advisory services to students who are participating in domestic or international activities either as individuals or as representatives of the university.

For further information on clubs and societies or to become a club member, students may apply in person at the Student Activities Center Office. The Student Activities Center Office can be reached at extension 2485 or visited in person in the Student Union Building, Room Z-25.

Coordinator: Emine Süreyya Topçu Ergin

Student Activities Center

Bilkent University Main Campus U Building
06800 Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey

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Phone:           +90 312 290-1319, +90 312 290-1337
Fax:                 +90 266-4909
E-mail:           oem@bilkent.edu.tr