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Emerging Methods of Fire Detection

Prof. Enis Çetin of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has coauthored a new book, “Methods and Techniques for Fire Detection,” with Bart Merci, Osman Günay, Behçet Uğur Töreyin and Steven Verstockt.enis_cetinRecently, new methods have been emerging to detect the outbreak of fire through the use of advanced technologies. This book describes the signal, image and video processing methods and techniques for fire detection and provides a thorough and practical overview of the subject. Areas covered include camera-based techniques, multimodal multisensory fire analysis, pyroelectric infrared sensors for flame detection, large-scale fire experiments and wildfire detection from moving aerial platforms.

With its focus on methods for volume sensors in the context of fire detection, the book will also serve as a reference for signal processing and computer vision. Applications covered in the book, such as multimodal object recognition, can be adapted for use in dealing with other safety and security problems; the work is thus of scientific importance in the field of video surveillance as well as fire detection.