For undergraduates, if you have a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and currently in your minimum 3rd or maximum 5th registration semester and for graduates, if you are in your 1st semester and will have a CGPA of 3.00 at the end of the semester, you are eligible to submit your applications online through both of these following application portals; https://erasmusbasvuru.ua.gov.tr/ and http://app.erasmus.bilkent.edu.tr/ . It is obligatory for all applicants, to submit their applications to both of these application portals this year.

Applications that are not submitted to https://erasmusbasvuru.ua.gov.tr/ are not eligible and will not be evaluated.

Graduate students need to  submit an approval letter jointly signed by their thesis advisors and Graduate School Director for their participation to the program

You can submit your applications from 6 November 2023 to 20 November 2023You will be expected to upload your C.V. and your statement of purpose, to your online application.

Your ranking will be based on %50 CGPA and %50 Language proficiency. Your language proficiency level will be calculated based on your score received in ENG 101(%25) and ENG 102(%25) courses. The ranking results will be announced on  8 December 2023 by the Office of International Exchange Programs.

Besides the above mentioned ranking criterias;

Children of veterans and martyrs will be given +15 points. Students with disabilities,  and those under protective care, as per Law No. 2828, and students or their parents residing at the earthquake region, will be given +10 points.

Those students who have applied to the program and placed in the previous years, but later cancelled their application or returned without completing the program not showing any valid reason, those who have took part in any other Erasmus+ program previously and those who are applying for mobility to the country they hold the nationality of, will be given -10 points.

If you are interested in going to a university that the language of instruction is different than English, you also need to submit an official certificate proving your proficiency level in that language. The minimum level should be B2. Those, who do not have a certificate will be allowed to take the online proficiency exams on Italian, Spanish, German and French that will be organized by Foreign Languages Unit. Written and oral exams will be held on 1 December 2023, Monday. Students, who would like to take these exams, have to inform Office of International Students and Exchange Programs (OISEP) until 15 November 2023, Wednesday, by sending an e-mail to exchange@bilkent.edu.tr. Results will be announced on 5 December 2023.