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ERC Awards Proof of Concept Grant to Selim Hanay

Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Selim Hanay of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and UNAM has received a European Research Council Proof of Concept Grant.

ERC Proof of Concept funding is made available only to those who already have an ERC award, to establish proof of concept of an idea generated in the course of their ERC-funded project. PoC grants aim at facilitating exploration of the commercial and social innovation potential of ERC-funded research.

In 2018, Dr. Hanay was awarded an ERC Starting Grant, which has provided five years of funding for his project “Resonant Electromagnetic Microscopy: Imaging Cells Electronically.” In this project, the Hanay research group has worked to develop a portable, fast, low-cost electronic instrument for the early detection of disease.

The new ERC grant will fund the project “Rapid Microplastic Analysis by Microparticle Radars,” in which the Hanay research group will apply their technology to screen water sources for microplastic contamination.