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Getting to Bilkent

Bilkent University is located about 12 kilometers from the Ankara city center and is connected to downtown by an hourly free bus service. Bilkent occupies more than 500 hectares of land and has three campuses – Main, Middle and East – which are connected by a regular free shuttle bus service.


By Bus

Intercity buses stop at AŞTİ (Ankara Intercity Terminal). Most cities in Turkey have direct buses to Ankara. If you arrive with baggage, it is easiest to take a taxi, which will cost around 40 TRY (approximately 14 EUR), from AŞTİ to Bilkent University. Alternatively, you can take a dolmuş (minibus) to Bilkent. The Bilkent bus service also has a stop within a few blocks of AŞTİ.
AŞTİ (Phone: +90 312 224 1000)

By Train

Trains stop at the central train station “Ankara Garı” of the Turkish Republic Railways (TCDD) To go to Bilkent, you can use the underground pedestrian walkway, taking it in the direction of Tandoğan, where there is a stop for the Bilkent dolmuş.
Phone: (from all over Turkey): 444 8233

By Plane

Ankara Esenboğa International airport is located northeast of Ankara, 28 km from the city center. If you are traveling by plane, you can use Belko Air shuttle bus service that connects Esenboga airport to the city center. The fare is 8 TRY (approximately 3 EUR). One of the main stops is AŞTİ (Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal) and then Kızılay from where you can also use the Ankara Metro to Bilkent. For further details please go to: http://www.belkoair.com/



Bilkent Transportation Services

To/From Downtown Ankara
There is a free shuttle service from both the Main and East Campuses to two convenient locations, Sıhhiye and Tunus, in downtown Ankara (with hourly service daily, including evenings and weekends).

The downtown bus service is free with your Bilkent student or personnel ID.

Route signs on buses:
TM = Tunus-Merkez (Tunus-Main Campus)
TD = Tunus-Doğu (Tunus-East Campus)
SM = Sıhhiye-Merkez (Sıhhiye-Main Campus)
SD = Sıhhiye-Doğu (Sıhhiye-East Campus)

Main Campus Bus Service (Ring)
(Main Campus Ring)
There is also a free shuttle bus service with a route running the length of the Main Campus, starting from the faculty housing area and continuing past the classroom buildings up to the student dormitories. The buses run at 20-minute intervals, and stop at points along the route marked with a sign reading “RING.”

Inter-Campus Bus Service (Ring)
(Main Campus – East Campus)
An additional free shuttle service connects Main and East campuses, with buses running every 20 minutes.

Note: Most students walk to class from the dormitories. It can be easier and faster than other forms of transportation at times, and is a pleasant way to get to know the campus.