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Music (Master of Arts M.A. in Music Performance and Interpretation, Conducting, Composition)

Program Information: Please follow the link

Music department offers Master of Arts in Music degree. Students can concentrate in the following areas: Composition, Conducting, Voice, Piano and Classical Guitar.
This is an academic degree with a thesis requirement.

Only on-line applications are accepted. 
Please submit an online application here. 


CGPA: 2.50 / 4.00

English Proficiency: TOEFL IBT (at least 87), IELTS (at least 6.5 average and 5.5 from each section) or Bilkent PAE (at least C).
Validity period for all exams: 2 years

Proof of Degree: Yes (if already obtained)

Transcripts: Yes

Statement of Purpose: A letter in English describing academic achievements, research interests, artistic vision, and motivations
for applying to the program (Word limit: 500 to 800 words, double-spaced)

Letter of Recommendation: 2

Required Documents / Files:
Music Performance and Interpretation (Voice, Piano, Classical Guitar Only):
• The program of works they have chosen to perform at the examination.
• A writing sample demonstrating scholarly ability, 10-15 pages

• Videos of recently recorded performances in rehearsal/concert if applicable (encouraged but
not required)
• The program of works they have chosen to conduct at the examination.
• A writing sample demonstrating scholarly ability, 10-15 pages

Musical scores of 3 recent original compositions reflecting a variety of genres and instrumental
combinations. Please check following web page for more details: https://bilkentcomposition.wordpress.com/faq/
Recordings of submitted scores if available. Midi recordings are discouraged. Recordings can be submitted as links to Soundcloud or other online resources.
• A writing sample demonstrating scholarly ability, 10-15 pages

All materials should be uploaded as Supporting Files and Documents in the online application.

Entrance Examination / Interview:

All applicants
The admission process for the master’s program includes an oral exam and an interview, which are
conducted consecutively. The oral exam phase comprises general questions related to music history,
theory, and form, as well as recognition and commentary on score excerpts. The purpose of this phase is
to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of
music. The exam aims to assess the candidate’s ability to analyze and interpret musical compositions,
their familiarity with music notation and terminology, and their overall comprehension of music theory
and history.

For a sample exam please visit: http://mssf.bilkent.edu.tr/files/basvuru_formu/entrance_exam_example.pdf

Please be advised that the actual contents of the Examination change every year and may differ from the contents of this sample exam.

Performance and Interpretation (Voice, Piano, Classical Guitar):
Applicants for the Music Performance and Interpretation program will perform an examination concert. The program must include all titles stated in the submitted program. Please refer to the following document for repertoire requirements.

Applicants for the conducting program will take an examination covering score reading, instrument performance, knowledge of orchestration, repertoire and a viva voce. They will be asked to conduct (in two stages) the works they have chosen from the conducting admission repertoire with pianos or ensemble. For more information about the required repertoire please visit:  http://mssf.bilkent.edu.tr/files/basvuru_formu/conducting.pdf

Applicants for the composition program will take an examination/interview further covering score recognition, listening analysis and discussion of the submitted pieces.

Other: Curriculum Vitae

Application Deadline: 29 May 2023

Date of Interview: 06-07 June 2023

Contact Person:
Deniz Ersoy
E-mail: deniz.ersoy@bilkent.edu.tr
Phone: +90 312 290 2273
Fax +90 312 266 4539