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General Information

The Health Centers offer the services of general practitioners, a neurologist, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists, a dermatologist, an orthopedist, a dentist, a radiologist, an ear, nose and throat specialist, nurses, emergency medical technicians and a paramedic.


Services Provided

  • First aid treatment and medical examinations
  • Contagious disease prevention
  • Supervision of patient recovery
  • Conducting research into the environmental health conditions on campus and reporting the results to university administration
  • Providing health education programs on general medical and health issues and first aid courses.
  • Offering first aid courses


Applying to the Health Center

In the event of illness or injury, students and staff should seek medical help from the Health Center. First aid and initial treatment is carried out at the Health Center and, if necessary, the patient may be referred to a specialist or to a hospital which has a medical services agreement with the university.


Diagnostic Tests and Diagnosis

  • Two in-house laboratories for immediate medical analysis such as blood count, urine analysis and blood chemistry
  • Electrocardiogram


The Health Mutual Aid Fund

Every student registered at Bilkent University is a member of the Health Mutual Aid Fund which provides financial support to the Health Center. This fund pays for routine medical services for students.


Medications and Pharmacies

  • Students can obtain prescribed medications at contracted pharmacies by paying 20% of its cost.
  • Staff affiliated with the Turkish Social Security Institution can have prescriptions written at both locations of the Health Center and obtain medications at contracted pharmacies.
  • Staff with Private Health Insurance can obtain prescribed medications at contracted pharmacies by paying 30% of its cost
  • The on-campus pharmacy, “Ömür Eczanesi” is located next to the Main Campus Health Center. Tel: (0312) 290 1483


Medical Reports

  • Students seeking to get a medical report are subject to the Health Center Student Medical Report Guidelines. The following forms may need to be filled out:
    • By the student – External Institution Health Report Approval Request Form (WORD / PDF)
    • By the attending physician – Patient Information Form (WORD PDF)
  • If the staff member’s condition warrants it, the Health Center is authorized to issue medical reports for up to 2 days.