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Intervention – Process


How the intervention system works in Student Counseling and Development Center – PDGM

At the center each session takes 50 minutes and it is done at least once a week.

1. In-take Session (1st and/or 2nd session)

    • Problem of the Student is defined Together with the student, counseling goal is set Assessment (Application of the standard test battery to obtain baseline data and structure the problem) Replacing the student to an appropriate program (individual/group)
    • Counseling sessions are scheduled

2. Working Through (see services offered)

    • Confidentiality
      • Main principle of the service we offer to the student. The student is informed about the confidentiality principle in detail (records,files etc…)
      • Maintaining confidentiality is primarily the responsibility of the PDGM personnel ; In some cases students are also responsible for maintaining confidentiality (i.e. participating in a group counseling).