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Horizon 2020 to Fund Two Bilkent Faculty Members

Asst. Prof. Ayşegül Dündar of the Department of Computer Engineering and Asst. Prof. Erdinç Tatar of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering have each been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship (MSCA IF) 2020 grant from the European Commission. The grants are funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program; only 14 researchers from Turkey received MSCA IF grants this year.

Dr. Dündar will focus on 3D image synthesis capabilities powered by deep neural networks. 3D image synthesis is a technology in which objects can be rendered from different perspectives, enabling numerous applications in computer graphics and computer vision. By providing realistic virtual 3D environments, it can provide tools for online classes, virtual tours, improved gaming experiences and simulators for robotics; as the digital world has gained more prominence, especially during the pandemic, the utility of such technologies has become ever more evident.In his project, Dr. Tatar proposes to couple the acoustic resonance in a mm-sized cavity with a microresonator and use the coupled resonance and damping as a gas sensor. Existing technologies have resulted in the development of sensors that target only a specific type of gas. The proposed sensor will be universal, for use with any gas; it is also inexpensive to fabricate and therefore has the potential to expand the public’s access to gas sensors. This technology could, for example, allow every home to have the capability for early detection of natural gas leakages.

The MSCA program promotes innovative research training as well as career and knowledge-exchange opportunities through cross-border and cross-sector mobility of researchers, with the goal of preparing them for current and future societal challenges and enhancing the attractiveness of research centers in Europe and beyond.


Dr. Ayşegül Dündar
Dr. Erdinç Tatar