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Instructions on Filling Out the “Course Syllabus Entry Form”

  • Access the AIRS/instructors option of STARS through the addresshttp://newstars.bilkent.edu.tr/airs
  • Enter your Identification Number and AIRS Password. If you do not have an AIRS password or have forgotten it, contact your department. (The department secretary can obtain the information from the Registrar’s Office).
  • Click on the “e-syll” button next to the relevant course. If you are teaching more than one section of the same course, the form is filled out only once. If you are teaching one section of a multi-section course taught by several instructors, then each instructor fills out his/her own form for the section(s) of the course.
  • Please fill in your office location (click here for building codes), office hours and if you have a homepage, its address. Then complete the sections on Course Materials, Other Materials, if any,Subjects Covered on a weekly basis, and Assessment. This information can be filled in by either typing it in directly or by copy/paste from another document. If the course has its own WEB page, this address can be entered at WEB Adress For Detailed Information.
  • When completed press the Submit button to save the data into the database.

    Changes to an existing syllabus are made in the same manner as entering in a new one.

Accessing Course Information

Once entered in the system, this syllabus can be viewed in STARS underhttp://newstars.bilkent.edu.tr/homepage/academic_units.php. Select Offerings for the department, and then Syllabus for the particular section of the course.