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The Bilkent University campus area has a variety of convenient eateries for enjoying a quick snack or a full meal with friends. Snack bars serving
sandwiches, salads, soups, coffee, tea and soft drinks are located in buildings around the campuses.

The University provides “meal cards” every month to all full-time employees. These cards can be used as payment in many restaurants and some delis in and around Bilkent, as well as in many locations downtown. Look for the “Multinet System” sign posted at the entrance. It is important that you tell the server that you will be paying by meal card before you place your order. No change is given for these payments.

Note that all restaurants and bars including The North Shield Pub located in the Bilkent Hotel & Conference Center offer all University employees a 30% discount. The following are the hours of service and contact information for eateries on campus.

Please note that some cafeterias are closed on weekends and during breaks and holidays. For more information about University cafeterias, please check www.cafe.bilkent.edu.tr.