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Learning Turkish

Although Bilkent is an English-medium university, you will be in a Turkish-speaking environment. Knowing enough Turkish to get around can help make you feel more comfortable. It’s also a great way to add to your experience in Turkey and to improve your understanding of Turkish culture. There are several formal and informal ways of improving your language skills during your stay at Bilkent University. Turkish classes are offered for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners from the Turkish as a Foreign Language Unit. These courses are available to all international students, faculty members and their families.
Summer courses or crash courses may be offered depending on interest.

For further information, please contact by phone or e-mail:
Ms. Özlem Aksu Kurtoğlu, Turkish Language Instructor
Ext. 2773 or ozlemak@bilkent.edu.tr

If Bilkent University Turkish as a Foreign Language course hours do not fit into your schedule, you might want to check with the several other schools and organizations in the city where you can learn Turkish. Among the most respected of these are TÖMER (Ankara University’s language teaching center), HÜ TÖMER (Hacettepe University’s language teaching center) the Turkish-American Association (TAA) and the Turco-British Association (TBA).

For further information about course schedules and fees, please visit the following websites: