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Mission statement
Bilkent University Library is totally committed to meeting the scholarly and information needs of the current and future Bilkent community, both students and faculty, as well as those of external library users, by supporting and facilitating all pedagogical, research and other intellectual activities.

Location and Opening Hours:
Bilkent University Library currently occupies two locations.
• The main collection and services are located in the Main Campus Library, situated next to the Rectorate Building on Main Campus.
• In addition, the East Campus branch library serves the needs of departments and units based on East Campus.
• The Library is open 363 days a year, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and on weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The East Campus Library and some specialist departments have slightly different hours.

Library Collection and Acquisitions:
Bilkent University Library seeks to maintain a broad and up-to-date physical and electronic collection to meet the teaching and research needs of faculty
members and students.
• The Library’s collection currently comprises over 1.500.000 items, including more than 490,000 books and around 750 print journal subscriptions.
• Access to over 140 databases provides access to more than 135,000 electronic journals and 470,000 e-books.
• Some parts of the collection are housed in specialist departments, such as the Multimedia Room (DVDs, CDs and printed music), the Art Room (art
and archaeology books and journals), the Official Publications Room (European Union and U.S. Government Publication Office), and the Special Collection (rare books). These departments are subject to their own rules.
• Full-time academic staff members and research assistants are entitled to request new items for the collection and recommend new database and
journal subscriptions. These requests can be submitted via online forms or by contacting the relevant faculty librarian (see below).
• Faculty members can also request books and journal articles through the Inter-Library Loan and Document Supply Department, located in the Main Campus Library.

Borrowing Rules:
• Bilkent University academic staff members and research assistants may borrow up to 40 printed items (books, journals, etc.) and up to 15 multimedia items (DVDs, CDs, etc.) at any one time. Printed items are lent for 120 days, and multimedia items for 15 days.
• Individual library accounts can be managed via the library website. Users will receive a reminder via e-mail three days before the due date of an item, and the Library will notify readers by e-mail when materials are past due. The borrower bears full responsibility for their timely return.
• The loan period for material that has not been “reserved” (placed on hold) by another user may be extended twice online using My Account on the library website. Materials to be renewed more than twice should be brought to the Library.

Library-Faculty Contact:
The Library seeks to maintain regular and efficient contact with the academic community, in order to develop continually its collection and services.
• Each faculty has been assigned its own Faculty Librarian, who is responsible for looking after the interests and library needs of the relevant departments: for example, collection development, promoting database usage, etc.
• Each department has appointed its own Library Representative, who can communicate directly with the Library about departmental needs and problems, and can attend periodic meetings at the Library.
• Reference services are available in both the Main Campus library from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on weekdays and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends. Reference inquiries can also be submitted by e-mail or via the library website.
• The Library communicates all news and announcements on its website, by e-mail and on Facebook and twitter, and has a regular article in the Bilkent
News as well as a blog.

Other Services and Social Activities:
As well as providing access to books, journals and other information resources, the Library aims to fulfill a wider intellectual and also social role within the University.
• Photocopy services are available in the Main Campus Library.
• In addition to the OPAC computers designed for searching the library catalog, the Main Campus Library also houses 32 computers for general computing
needs and searching.
• Wireless access to the Internet is available throughout both the Main and East Campus Libraries.
• The Main Campus Library houses an art gallery, where regular exhibitions by local and international artists are displayed throughout the teaching
• The Library organizes periodic lectures by senior faculty members about their research, and regular “mini-concerts” are held in the art gallery.
• The Main Campus Library also houses 2 cafés selling a selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Bilkent University Library welcomes all suggestions and feedback about its collection and services.

Website and Useful Contacts:
Homepage: www.library.bilkent.edu.tr
Library Catalog: http://librarycatalog.bilkent.edu.tr

Main Library:
Phone: 2664472
Fax: 2664391
E-mail: library@bilkent.edu.tr

East Campus Library:
Phone: 2905134; 2905132
Inter-Library Loan:
Phone: 2902966
E-mail: illlib@bilkent.edu.tr

Circulation Desk:
Phone: 2901298
E-mail: circulation@bilkent.edu.tr

Reference Librarians:
Phone: 2901127; 2901282
E-mail: reference@bilkent.edu.tr