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Places to visit in Ankara

You will certainly want to do some traveling and exploring while you are here. Turkey is a vast country, and there is so much to see. Travel agencies can provide information, brochures and guidance. The Bilkent Library has an excellent collection of travel guides as well. However, you may want to begin by visiting the historical monuments and museums in Ankara that we have listed here.


Historical Monuments

  • The Atatürk Mausoleum (Anıtkabir) is an impressive fusion of ancient and modern architectural ideas, which remains unsurpassed as an accomplishment of modern Turkish architecture. There is also a museum in the Mausoleum.
  • The Ankara Citadel (Ankara Kalesi) is in the oldest part of the city, surrounded by restored traditional Turkish houses. A climb to the top is well worth it for the incredible view over the city.
  • A Roman theater (Roma Tiyatrosu) is still under excavation. Only the basement and the first floor can be viewed.
  • The Temple of Augustus (Ogüst Mabedi) in the old part of town in Ulus was built in 10 A.D.
  • A Roman bath (Roma Hamamı) is also in Ulus and has all the typical features of such complexes.


  • The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations (Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesi) is an old covered bazaar beautifully restored to house a unique collection of archaeological artifacts and antiquities, and it is considered to be one of the best museums in the country.
  • The Ethnography Museum (Etnografya Müzesi) is located across from the Opera House and has a fine collection of folkloric artifacts.
  • The Painting and Sculpture Museum (Resim ve Heykel Müzesi) is also located in the Ulus district and houses a collection of Turkish art from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • The Museum of the Republic (Cumhuriyet Müzesi) in Ulus is housed in what was the second parliament building of the Republic.
  • Çengelhan Rahmi M. Koç Museum is in Samanpazarı, Ulus, across from the main gates of the citadel and houses a unique collection of historic objects used in transportation, communication and and industry.