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There are many shopping malls and stores in and around Bilkent where you can find almost everything you might need, including groceries, clothing and household items.

Bilmarket (Meteksan Market)
Bilmarket is located behind the Student Council building on Main Campus. They carry a wide range of food products, including a good selection of foreign foods and fresh produce, as well as daily newspapers, detergents, stationery, etc. Please note that alcoholic beverages and tobacco are not sold in any store on campus. Bilmarket is open from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every day, including weekends (ext. 1652).

University Bookstore (Meteksan Bookstore)
Meteksan Bookstore is located beside the Main Campus Sports Hall and carries Bilkent merchandise, textbooks, school supplies, periodicals, newspapers, stationary, art materials and basic snacks. Fax and photocopy services are also available at the entrance of the bookstore (ext. 2428).

Bilkent Store
Bilkent Store is located directly across from the Rectorate Building, on the ground floor of the Table d’Hote Cafeteria on Main Campus. The store carries a variety of University merchandise and gift items (ext. 2077).

Bilkent Center
This is the shopping center just outside the main entrance to the campus. There you will find a large supermarket, department stores, a pet store, an office supply store, a home furnishings store, electronics stores, a book and CD store, a toy store, a number of small shops, a bank, several ATMs, a movie theater, cafes, restaurants and a food court by the supermarket. www.bilkentcenter.com

Ankuva Shopping Center
Ankuva is a small shopping mall located next to Bilkent Center, which has a number of full-service restaurants with menus ranging from pizza to Turkish cuisine, as well as shops and other service establishments including a bookstore, a bank, hair salons, pharmacies and, on the basement level, a bowling alley and billiards room.