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Main Campus Bus Service (RING)*
A free shuttle bus service operates (weekdays only) on Main Campus. Buses run from the Main Campus faculty housing area to the dormitories and back every twenty minutes, stopping at several locations indicated by signs reading “RING.” The Ring service schedule, which is announced at the beginning of the academic year, is printed in the Bilkent News (the University’s weekly newspaper), and also posted on the Transportation Unit’s website and on the departmental bulletin boards located in campus buildings.

Inter-Campus Bus Service (RING)*
(Main Campus – Middle Campus – East Campus)
There is also another Ring shuttle bus, which connects the Main, Middle and East Campuses on a regular basis. Again, the bus schedule and any changes are announced in the Bilkent News and posted on the Transportation Unit’s website and on departmental bulletin boards.

* Ring service buses may have different bus stops than city shuttle buses (see To and From Ankara, below). Make sure you stand at the right bus stop for your route and destination. Visit http://bilkent.edu.tr/~transprt to see an animated map that shows all stops and to obtain bus schedules for all routes.

Bilkent University Shuttle Bus ID Cards for Spouses and Children
Bilkent University students, faculty and staff members can use the free shuttle buses with their University ID cards. Even though an affiliate ID card is not available for spouses and children, bus cards for family members can be obtained by filling out an application form for a Bilkent University temporary access card and returning the form to the Housing Office. The temporary access card application form can be found at

Taxis (Yellow cabs)
An easy way to get from point A to point B is by taxi. Rates are set and a meter system is used. Tips are not expected. Murat Taxi, the yellow cab service on campus, is available twenty-four hours a day by calling ext. 1678 or 2406, or 266 4440

Parking and Traffic on Campus
Faculty, staff and students who drive their cars or motorcycles on campus must obtain a parking sticker, which is available at the Security Office. Your department secretary can help you with the procedure. Students and faculty members are allowed to park in designated areas only. If you do not obey the campus traffic and parking regulations, you will receive a “notice of traffic violation” and charged with violation points. If a vehicle impedes the flow of traffic, it will be towed at the owner’s expense. If a driver commits a moving  violation, such as passing another vehicle illegally, driving in the wrong direction or not stopping at pedestrian crossings, the University Traffic Board will register the fine his/her record. Please note that these measures are to ensure your safety. For more information and inquiries regarding traffic on campus, visit www.traffic.bilkent.edu.tr or send an e-mail to Prof. Dr. Ergin Atalar (ergin.atalar@bilkent.edu.tr), Head of the Traffic Committee.

Parking Sticker: You can obtain a sticker for your vehicle from the Traffic Office (ext. 1439) located in the FEASS Building, Room Z – 51, by providing
the following documents:
• Bilkent University ID
• Driver’s license and vehicle registration
• Application form http://ssgm.bilkent.edu.tr/

Note that all family members of academic, administrative and support personnel residing in the faculty housing apartments will be provided with a card for use in opening the gates at the entrance to the campus and the faculty housing units. These new entrance cards can be obtained from the same office where the stickers are provided (FEASS Building, Room Z – 51). All vehicles with a valid sticker can enter the campus using the right lane of the entrance gate. If the entrance card is lost, please call the emergency phone line at (312) 290 6666 or (312) 290 1439-2424 to inform security officials. Note that use of a lost card will be blocked immediately after the loss is reported.

Going to Downtown Ankara
There is a scheduled free shuttle service between the Main and East Campuses and two convenient locations: Sıhhiye (near Ulus, and a short walk to a major bus stop, the main train station, a commuter train station, a metro station and dolmuş terminals) and Tunus (at the south end of Kızılay, and a short walk to a metro station and the Güvenpark city bus and dolmuş terminal). Shuttle buses to downtown Ankara run all day, in the evenings, on weekends and on holidays, and have signs on their front windows indicating the route:

TM Tunus/Main (Merkez) Campus – SM Sıhhiye/Main (Merkez) Campus
TD Tunus/East (Doğu) Campus – SD Sıhhiye/East (Doğu) Campus
TDM Tunus/Main (Merkez) – East (Doğu) Campus (both Main and East Campus)
SDM Sıhhiye/Main (Merkez) – East (Doğu) Campus (both Main and East Campus)

One of the easiest ways to go downtown is to take a University shuttle bus (for either the TDM or SDM route), get off at the metro station located right by the Middle East Technical University (METU) campus entrance, and then board the metro. The trip from Eskisehir highway to Kızılay takes about 20 minutes. Another easy way is to take city bus #111, which runs every 20 minutes from the East Campus premises to the vicinity of the Bilkent metro station (and vice versa), and then walk to the station, which is located by the mosque near the Bilkent bridge.

If you would like to use the University shuttle buses for your downtown visits, the locations of the bus stops (at the time of publication) are provided below for your convenience.

To the city from the University
TDM/SDM: Bilkent University, METU (right across from Kentpark Shopping Mall), Bayındır Hospital, AŞT”, and the National Library, after which the routes separate, with one going to Tunus and the other to Sıhhıye.

To the University from the city
SDM: Sıhhıye bridge, Tandoğan, Bahçelievler, Movenpick Hotel, Kentpark, Bilkent bridge and Bilkent University (both Main and East Campus).
TDM: Tunus Street, Bahçelievler, Movenpick Hotel, Kentpark, Bilkent bridge and Bilkent University (both Main and East Campus).
Please note: Special bus schedules are in effect during national holidays and academic recess periods. These schedules are announced in the Bilkent News, and sent out via university-wide e-mail messages (BAIS announcements). Please check the Transportation Unit’s website for more information at www.bilkent.edu.tr/~transprt

Dolmuş/Shuttle Bus
This is a shared minibus. On Main Campus, you can flag down a dolmuş that goes to the Sıhhiye/Ulus area. On East Campus, dolmuses run along the Denizciler Street –Celal Bayar Boulevard-Konya Highway-Eskişehir Highway and Bilkent University East Campus route. On the way, it stops upon request at locations including Bilkent Center; CEPA shopping center; across from Armada shopping center; and near the main bus terminal, Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ). No ticket is needed; the fee is paid to the dolmuş driver according to an established list of rates. Costs vary depending on distance, with shorter rides being slightly cheaper. Passengers pass money to the driver, stating where they wish to go. It is a unique and often entertaining way of getting around.

University Cars
The University has a car pool. Cars in this pool are for official use only (e.g., to provide transport to and from the airport for arriving and departing
faculty members), and are made available on request from the chairperson of the faculty member’s department.

One of the most inexpensive ways to get to and from Esenboğa Airport is by the city bus (EGO bus route #442) that runs between AŞTİ (Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal) and the airport. A slightly more expensive alternative is the municipality shuttle buses (BELKO), which also runs from the city center to the airport. The nearest stop to Bilkent University for both the BELKO bus and the EGO bus #442 is outside the lower level of AŞTİ. Both the Sıhhiye and Tunus buses stop across from AŞTİ on their way downtown. To return from AŞTİ, you can take a dolmuş or taxi. Taxis can also be taken from the University to the airport, but cost around 120 TL, whereas the BELKO Shuttle buses cost 11 TL. For more detailed information on BELKO bus schedules and stops please visit http://www.belkoair.com

Depending on your budget and schedule, there is also another alternative available. Private airport shuttle services provide taxi service to and from Esenboğa at a relatively affordable price. They pick you up at your address and take you to the airport according to your flight schedule.

EGO (Elektrik-Gaz-Otobüs) is the acronym for the public bus transportation system in Ankara. You can purchase a bus card (called an Ankara Kart) at most newspaper kiosks, EGO booths, and Metro and Ankaray subway stations. At the time of publication, an Ankara Kart cost 5 TL. In order to be able to use all types of EGO transportation (city buses and the subway system) in Ankara, you need to add money to the card by using the new money-loading machines (called “smart and mini banko”) conveniently located in several different places in the city and at the Ankara Kart sale booths. For more infotrmation please check the website at www.ego.gov.tr/en/sayfa/2138/frequently-asked-questions

Private “Halk” buses also provide transportation. Ankara cards are not accepted on these buses. Tickets are purchased on board from a conductor seated near the entrance. Note that the #111 city bus makes stops along “İhsan Doğramacı Boulevard passing by East Campus faculty housing towards Bilkent III apartment complexes located up the hill. It runs between the University East campus and the closest metro station located right by the mosque on Eskisehir highway. For detailed information and schedules, please visit www.ego.gov.tr

Metro and Ankaray: Ankara has a very clean, efficient underground rail system. There are two lines, Ankaray and Metro. You can use the same card (Ankara Kart) that you use on city buses. For Ankaray and Metro routes and rates, visit the website www.ego.gov.tr

Train: A city commuter train runs between Sincan in the far west of Ankara and Kayaş to the east. Tickets can be purchased at train platforms. The easiest station to get to is Yenişehir at Sıhhiye, a short walk from where the city shuttle bus lets you off. Heading east, the train will go through the main train station, where you can transfer to intercity trains.

Bus: Ankara Şehirlerarası Terminal İşletmesi (AŞTİ)/Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal is located on Konya Road. There, you will find buses with service to virtually every location in Turkey. Bus transportation is an efficient and affordable way to travel. All bus companies are privately owned, and may have varying service schedules. It is best to make a reservation in advance for your trip. Please note that a person traveling alone is generally seated next to a passenger of the same sex.

Train: Traveling by train (TCDD-Turkish State Railways) can be enjoyable and inexpensive, although trains do not serve as many destinations as buses do. Train tickets are sold at many travel agencies and at the main station (İstasyon or Gar). Special rates are offered to teachers. You may receive this discount if you show your ID. The best way to get to the train station is to take the Sıhhiye bus (either SD or SM) from the University campus. Get off at the last stop by the Sıhhiye Bridge and take a dolmuş or a taxi. Even though the main train station is within walking distance, it might be difficult to do so with luggage. For more detailed information, visit the Turkish State Railway’s website at www.tcdd.gov.tr.
For information on the InterRail system (for travel to Europe and the Balkans by train), including routes, destinations and rail passes please check the website at www.interrailturkiye.com.tr

High Speed Train Services: High-speed railway services are available to and from Ankara, Eskisehir, Istanbul and Konya. Note that the main station for Istanbul, called Pendik, is on the Asian side of the Marmara Sea. For further information on high-speed railway schedules and reservations, please visit TCDD’s website at www.tcdd.gov.tr/home/detail/?id=2518. At the time of publication, the price of a ticket to Istanbul was 70 TL (55 TL for students).

To obtain more information about Turkey, it may be helpful to consult the following websites before you start on your journey:



Ministry of Culture and Tourism
İsmet Inönü Bulvarı No: 5 Bahçelievler – Phone: 212 8300

Tourism Information
Esenboğa Airport – Phone: 590 4000
Esenboğa Airport Lost Property: 590 4388

Turkish Airlines (THY)
Atatürk Bulvarı No: 211, Kavaklıdere – Phone: 465 6363
Esenboğa THY Operator: 444 0849

Turkish Railways (TCDD)
Talatpaşa Bulvarı, Gar – Ulus
Phone: 508 1000

Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (Ankara Şehirlerarası Otobüs Terminali – AŞTİ)
Söğütözü – Phone: 207 1000